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It is not typical to find women builders in the construction business, but Austin Home Builder Maureen Miller, President of Miller Manor Homes, is not a typical woman.
Whittaker Home Exterior: Miller designed and built this home, overlooking a golf course, using the ECO-Block Concrete System.
In 1997, Miller and her husband, C.A., decided to move to the Texas capital, Austin. The move was no coincidence for this custom home building team. Sweeping hill top views, friendly people and a good business climate were topped by family already living in Austin. The Millers also relocated their business which brought with it a reputation for being an innovative building firm committed to constructing custom homes that captured its clients' imagination and sense of style. The Millers' commitment to quality and originality in home design distinguishes Austin home builder Miller Manor Homes as a premier vendor in the Greater Austin custom home market.

As a custom home designer in Louisiana, Miller became known for utilizing a wide range of building materials and styles to create truly tailored living environments that mesh with the needs and aesthetic preferences of her customers. The completion of the company's first project in the Austin area, a 6,500-square-foot custom concrete residence built using the ECO-Block ICF system, captures the creative spirit behind Austin Home Builder Miller Manor Homes and presents a strong challenge to other area builders.

Miller brings over a quarter of a century of interior and building design experience to all of her projects. She first began building homes in Louisiana at the behest of a client who was so enamored with Miller's interior decorating and design skills that she asked Miller to construct and design her home. By the time Miller had finished her first project, word-of-mouth advertising propelled her on to other endeavors.

Miller's passion for her trade and desire to provide her customers with the utmost quality in interior and home design also led her to pursue a national certification in building design. She has since been a licensed contractor in Louisiana and presently operates as a custom home contractor in Austin. Miller is also NCIDQ-certified in interior design. According to Miller, her design background and aptitudes allow her to take a project from concept, through construction, to completion--a process Miller calls "the three C's." Customers can count on Miller to design, build and even decorate their homes. Miller quips that she can build your house and even plan what flowers will grace your table.

Whittaker Home Interior: An expansive living room with lighting from a recessed ceiling and broad window view.Indeed, it was the demand for Miller's training and talent that led her to establish her first home building firm in Louisiana in 1977. That company quickly distinguished itself in the Lake Charles area as a quality custom home builder and gained a firm place at the vanguard of the area market. Satisfied clients kept the company moving from one project to the next and made Miller's company successful for over two decades. She is the artistic and on-site part of the team, while husband C.A., a Louisiana lawyer, serves as financial manager. Miller and her husband hope to transfer the same qualities that led to the company's success in Louisiana to the Greater Austin area.

Homes built by Miller Manor Homes have been featured in Southern Living Magazine, and Miller herself has received numerous accolades, including the A.S.I.D. Gold Award for her design of a custom three-story Caribbean abode with intricate landscaping. Miller has also been inspired by renowned Louisiana architect A. Hays Town and had the opportunity to work under Town in the past. In addition to these background items, Miller is committed to the continued development of her design skills and has studied and traveled about Europe in pursuit of honing her skills. Classes in Paris on townhouses and in Florence and the Veneto on Palladian architecture have added credibility to the company's motto, "reconstructing the classics." As a builder, Miller has worked on both residential and commercial projects, but she prefers to engage in residential projects as this allows her to make her clients' dream homes come to life.

Indeed, the inception of Miller Manor Homes in Austin is marked by the request of Iola Whittaker--a client who relocated to Austin from Louisiana--that Miller build a custom home for her and her husband, Mack. Whittaker's chief stipulation was that Miller employ concrete as the home's primary building material.

Maureen Miller: Builder/Architect Magazine September 2002.
September 2002 Cover Story
Austin Home Builder Maureen Miller in BUILDER ARCHITECT


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